- it consultancy on the highest level


it.desneppe is a part of bvba De Sneppe-pn. The company was founded in 2005 and is profiling itself as a low-cost and effective solution to the most common it-problems. It providing a solution that is cost-effective and is satisfying in every possible way.

This is something we want to achieve by guiding our clients in making decisions in hardware, software and development.

We are always ready to make a analysis of the it problems our customer is facing. Never the less without losing the ‘return on investment’ 

Our office is based in Belgium and we work on or off site of the contractor based on the needs. We assist the major accounts in their IT-projects:

  1. -Telecom and internet

  2. -Industry (R&D, office projects)

  3. -Public sector

We are mainly active in these technical domains:

  1. -R&D embedded controllers

  2. -Network management (linux and windows)

  3. -Webhosting

  4. -Support